OnePlus Gallery App Now Available For The OnePlus 2

March 14, 2016 - Written By John Anon

More recently, OnePlus has started expanding its portfolio to include software-related content. The company already makes use of its own operating system OxygenOS, however, it has now started bringing to the market a couple of apps. One of those which recently came through was its Reflexion app. This was a slightly strange app, which looked to take some of your pictures and fuse them together. Following which, OnePlus has now announced and released another app and this one again, focuses on the camera side of things.

The new app is simply entitled ‘OnePlus Gallery’ and in short, is a standard Gallery app. The OnePlus 2 is one of the smartphones which does not seem to ship with a default gallery app and it could be the case that this will become integrated as their default app going forward. Although for now, it remains an app which has to be downloaded from the Play Store. The actual app itself is designed to be a feature-limited app. As OnePlus puts it, “this is a no-nonsense app, meaning you won’t find any nonessential frills or intrusive ads here“. So the features on offer revolve around the viewing, organizing and editing of images and not much else. On the organizing side of things, OnePlus have introduced a “collections” feature, which like many other similar apps, looks to group images together in a way which makes theme easier to find later on. Likewise, the editing features available are limited to just the ability to resize images, crop and the ability to add some individual flair with a drawing tool. A limited selection of editing tools which OnePlus again notes is by intention as they did not want to fill the app “with meaningless options“.

The app itself is free to download, although, this does seem to be an app which is extremely limited in its compatibility at the moment. OnePlus state that the app is only available for the OnePlus 2 (and not for other OnePlus models), although they have stated consumers should “stay tuned” for further announcements on additional device compatibility going forward. Either way, if you would like to check out the latest OnePlus Gallery app, then you can by heading through the link below and over to the OnePlus Gallery Play Store listing.