Nintendo Releases Miitomo Social App Globally

Nintendo had long been against entering the mobile space, but that all changed last year when they announced a partnership with mobile publisher DeNA that would finally see them releasing mobile games for Android and iOS platforms. The first of those games is not really much of a game at all, but rather a social app with game-like elements and a mini-game that you can play inside of the app to earn in-app items. It's called Miitomo, and Nintendo originally announced it last year as well, stating that the launch would end up coming in March. It did indeed launch a couple of weeks back but in Japan only, and today marks the arrival of Miitomo globally so Nintendo fans around the world can now create their very own Mii characters to interact with other Miitomo users.

If you happened to sign up for and register a Miitomo account prior to the initial launch, Nintendo promised rewards for those users, and that reward comes in the form of 2,500 Miitomo coins, the in-app currency that is used to buy items like new outfit pieces and such. After completing the short little tutorial that your Mii walks you through (after you create it of course) you are given another 2,500 Miitomo coins, boosting you to an instant 5,000 within the first few minutes of using the app.

As Miitomo coins are to be the primary form of obtaining new items, racking up as many coins as you can is a good idea. The app lets you earn coins by simply asking questions or you can earn them by leveling up after completing various tasks, and you can earn them through the mini-game. If you're a fan of Nintendo and you like to interact socially through services like Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks, picking up Miitomo is something worth considering. Miitomo is of course free to install and use, but there are optional in-app purchases that one can make if they want to pick up more Miitomo coins which they can then turn around and use to buy new outfits and clothing items or accessories. Although Miitomo is not technically a game and it doesn't star any of Nintendo's well-known franchise characters, other games being released in the future are said to have some of their most iconic characters included, although they will not be mobile ports of already existing titles.

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