Nextbit Robin To Get Camera Improvement Update In April

March 30, 2016 - Written By John Anon

The Nextbit Robin is a one of the newest debut smartphones to arrive as it only became generally available last month. However, this is a smartphone which has made its mark in the headlines consistently since its initial announcement back at the start of September of last year and throughout its crowdsourcing and development stages. However, this was not that surprising when you consider that this is a smartphone which looks to offer the user a different sort of experience and one which places a greater level of focus on cloud services.

If you are an owner of the Robin then the latest news may be of interest as Nextbit took to Periscope earlier today to provide an update on what Robin owners can look forward to over the next few weeks. Most notably that Nextbit is readying an update which will be rolling out to Nextbit Robin sometime in April. The update will push the Nextbit Robin up to Android 6.0.1 (Marshmallow). However, the Periscope announcement also confirmed a number of bigger bug fixes for those who had been encountering problems on the current Robin Android build. According to the details, the update will bring with it significant improvements to both battery life and the general performance. As well as improvements to the speed and degree of lag that some owners may have encountered with the camera app. To highlight this last point, the Periscope announcement did include a demo of the difference between two Robin smartphones (one running the current build and one running the updated build) and the improved speed to the camera app.

While April was listed as the month of delivery for the update, there was no firm details provided on exactly when in April the update will begin to roll out. However, Nextbit did confirm that they will be rolling out a smaller update in the meantime. One which you should expect to see arriving from as early as today. According to the details, this is an update which looks to fix issues with apps that were not responding properly or opening when launched. Those interested can check out the Periscope update by heading through the source link below.