Meizu To Hold Two Press Events In April, MX6 Coming Early?

AH Meizu MX4 7 LOGO

Meizu has not only been one of the fastest growing smartphone manufacturing companies lately, but also one of the most interesting ones. Meizu has managed to sell 20 million smartphones last year, which is quite a few more than they were able to ship back in 2014. Meizu has sold 4.4 million units back in 2014, and the company intends to sell 25 million handsets before the end of this year, which seems more than possible considering the amount of devices they shipped last year.

This company has introduced a number of really solid offerings last year, and their Meizu PRO 5 handset is definitely the most compelling one out of the bunch. Meizu has, however, introduced two flagship devices last year, the Meizu MX5 and PRO 5. We’ve seen quite a few rumors regarding their successor already, and the Meizu MX6 rumors are especially frequent lately. The latest rumor that arrived said that the device might launch in May, but according to our sources at the company, that info might be wrong. Our sources tell us that Meizu plans to hold two press events in April, and even though we don’t have the specifics as to what the company plans to launch, MX6 is certainly a possibility. Various rumors claimed that the device will be introduced earlier this year, and even though April might seem a bit early for the MX6 to arrive, keep in mind that the PRO 6 is also supposed to launch before the end of the year, so this is not exactly that hard to believe.


Anyhow, Meizu plans to hold two events in April, and they will, almost certainly, introduce the Meizu M3 on one of those two events, while the M3 Note is also a possibility. Now, chances are Meizu will announce some other smart gadgets as well, though we do not know what exactly. There is always a chance their very own VR Headset will be introduced, or perhaps a Meizu-branded smartwatch? Well, we can only guess at this point, as the details are nowhere to be found just yet. Either way, we’ll make sure to let you know if any new info surfaces, so stay tuned.