Meizu Might Release A New Line Of Helio X20-Powered Handsets

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Meizu has introduced a number of smartphones last year, and the Meizu MX5 and PRO 5 are the highest-end ones. The Meizu PRO 5 is actually the most powerful smartphone Meizu has introduced thus far, this 5.7-inch phablet has been available for quite some time now, and the company has even released a Ubuntu-powered variant of this phone. The Meizu PRO 5 Mini (smaller flagship) was also supposed to arrive soon, but Meizu has confirmed that they’ve dropped the project due to an earthquake in Taiwan which damaged a large supply of PRO 5 Mini handsets.

That being said, Meizu will introduce both the Meizu MX6 and PRO 6 this year, and if previous years are any indication, the Meizu MX6 will arrive first in mid-2016. We’ve already seen some leaks and rumors about the Meizu MX6, like the one saying that this phone will be fueled by the Helio X20 64-bit deca-core processor. Well, according to a China-based industry insider, Meizu might be preparing the release of a whole new line of smartphones which will be fueled by MediaTek’s Helio X20 or the rumored Helio X25 SoC. Now, according to the source, this smartphone will be priced somewhere between the company’s ‘Blue Charm’ (Chinese naming for Meizu M1, M2, M1 Note & M2 Note) and their MX series of smartphones. This essentially means that this new series handset which is expected to arrive this year should be more affordable than the Meizu MX6 which is also expected to launch this year. The source did mention that the device is expected to cost around 1,500 Yuan, though this information is not confirmed, of course.


Meizu has managed to sell 20 million smartphones last year, which is a significant improvement compared to a year before when the company shipped out 4.4 million units. Well, Meizu aims to sell 25 million smartphones this year, which seems more than doable for this China-based smartphone manufacturer. It remains to be seen how many devices will they release this year, but Meizu usually doesn’t release all that many different units a year, which is not necessarily a bad thing. Either way, stay tuned, we’ll report back as soon as new info surfaces.