LG G5's UX 5.0 Has An Option To Enable The App Drawer


The LG G5 unveiled at MWC 2016 represents a somewhat unique take on the latest generation of Android smartphones. Unlike LG's previous flagships, the LG G5 is wrapped in metal, and moreover, it adopts a modular design enabling the use of third party and official modules referred to by LG as "Friends". Things are different on the software side as well, and as you may have heard numerous times before, the LG G5 introduced at Mobile World Congress seemed to have done away with the familiar app drawer function in Android OS. This change sparked both interest and controversy, but whether you love or hate the idea of a missing app drawer, it looks like LG hasn't removed the feature for good. A new official video detailing LG's proprietary user interface – UX 5.0 – reveals that the option of enabling the app drawer is available within the settings menu, despite the fact that the feature doesn't seem to be available on any review units previously sent out by the South Korean company.

The LG G5 is set to hit the market in less than a week, on the 1st of April. Now, assuming that you've found the LG G5 to be an appealing smartphone but decided against buying it on account that it lacks an app drawer, you may want to think again before dismissing the idea of making the G5 your next flagship phone. This is due to the fact that, based on a new official video published by LG Mobile Global on YouTube, LG has decided to add the option of enabling the app drawer within the "Select Home" submenu found in the settings screen. To be precise, this option is new and hasn't been available on the review units sent by LG to media outlets so far. There's no absolute guarantee that the option will be available at launch (it could be added through a future software update), but as it stands the likelihood of an app drawer option to be added before the smartphone's market debut is very high. It could be that LG may have wanted to test the market and get a response from consumers in regards to the new UI's design, and based on feedback, the company may have decided that adding an optional app drawer might be the best course of action.


Until the LG G5 hits the shelves, the official video below aims to give prospective customers a detailed preview on the company's latest proprietary user interface. The app drawer option can be spotted at around the 3:15-minute mark and beyond.


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