LG G5, With Free 360 CAM, Up for Pre-Order on Verizon


The Spring might already be considered Samsung's territory at this point, given the swift announcement-to-launch turnaround that the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge enjoyed, but LG isn't content to let that happen. Samsung's South Korean rival announced the G5 – and friends! – on the same day that Samsung took wraps off of the Galaxy S7, and while Samsung beat them to market by a little bit, LG aren't too far behind. As of today, the LG G5 is up for pre-order on the United States' largest network, and they're throwing in a fun freebie, too.

Verizon has opened up pre-orders for the LG G5, in either Silver or Gray, with 32GB of built-in storage and it'll start at $26.00 a month. Those looking to purchase the phone outright on Big Red will need to part with a sizeable $624.00, but Verizon will throw in a free 360 CAM to all pre-orders of the G5. Announced at the same time as the G5, LG's 360 CAM is a simple and efficient way of recording 360-degree content for VR and could be considered a competitor to Samsung's Gear 360 camera. Verizon is also including a free second battery as well as a charging dock, too. Considering that the G5 doesn't have an Edge display, it'd be unfair to compare it to the Galaxy S7 Edge, but on Verizon, the G5 is a little cheaper than the Galaxy S7. It's $2 a month cheaper than the Galaxy S7 and about $70 cheaper at full price, so that's something to consider when thinking of upgrading.


Reasons to consider the LG G5 over the Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 Edge include the second wide-angle camera around the back and of course the modularity of the G5. With a removable battery and other accessories like a better DAC module from Bang & Olufsen, as well as a camera grip from LG the G5 is a flexible device that has a lot going for it. Those interested in the latest and greatest from LG can take a look at the pre-order page from Verizon linked below and our first impressions here.

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