Legend Introduces Luxury Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge Models

Legend is a high-end tech accessories maker based out of Helsinki, Finland. The company customizes premium smartphones and smartwatches from companies like Samsung and Apple, and while there are standardized designs that are sold in limited numbers, the company's website says that it also allows users to customize and personalize their smartphones to their particular specifications when it comes to the use of premium leather or precious gemstones. Users can also engrave custom logos, names or messages according to their choice. Prices are usually on the higher side as one would expect with bespoke luxury products, but what you get in exchange for all that cash are exclusive or limited-edition pieces that stand out from the crowd of millions of standard-issue smartphones that can be found everywhere.

The company had customized the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge smartphones last year with premium materials as part of its limited-edition collections named "Alhambra", "Art Deco", "Wild Thing" and "Crocodylus". The last mentioned comes with a premium leather back made out of crocodile skin while the rest have either gold plating or black rhodium plating, according to the customer's choice. The company has now announced that it has developed a range of handcrafted customization options for the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge smartphones as well. The devices feature VVS1 grade diamond embellishments with premium precious metal plated back and comes with the usual customization options that include custom logos, laser engraving and the like. Users can also choose from a number of different metal-plating options including 18 or 24-karat gold, rose gold, platinum or black rhodium.

For those who would rather get a leather version instead of a metal-plated one, Legend says it will use exotic leather made out of crocodile, stingray, lizard, ostrich or shark skin, depending on the customers' choice. Each phone comes with its certificate of authenticity for all the luxury products used in its customization. With luxury items, presentation is as important as the product itself, so Legend says that each phone will come in its own '"luxury presentation box". As for the pricing of these highly-customized bespoke handsets, the Galaxy S7 with metal plating comes with a price-tag of 2,350 Euros while the leather-bound model will cost 2,390 Euros. Both prices are inclusive of shipping charges to destinations around the world.

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