More Leaked HTC 10 Images Surface Online

March 28, 2016 - Written By Tom Dawson

For a long, long time now tech enthusiasts have been not-so-patiently looking forward to the next greatest device from manufacturers the world over and as a result we’ve now grown accustomed to leaked images and rumors long before a device is even official. This isn’t a recent phenomenon though, early gadget sites like Engadget have been delivering blurry images of devices long before they arrive for a decade or so at this point. For HTC, this vicious cycle must seem all too familiar, as it seems like the Taiwanese firm just can’t keep a secret these days. Last year’s HTC One M9 was leaked pretty much entirely before its launch during Mobile World Congress 2015 and the same happened the year before with the HTC One M8. Unsurprisingly, the same seems to be happening with their upcoming flagship, tentatively dubbed the HTC 10.

The HTC 10 has been leaked a few times before now, and there are rumors pointing to a variant running a Snapdragon 652, a main device that benchmarks quicker than a Galaxy S7 Edge and a whole lot more besides. It seems that, at this point, the insides of the HTC 10 are going to be a Snapdragon 820 – similar to the Galaxy S7 line here in North America – as well a 5.15-inch AMOLED display. The design however, is one thing that all of the leaks and rumors appear to agree upon however, with a similar HTC One design but with a more chiseled appearance on the sides around the back of the phone. Now, two more images of the device have appeared from someone who works for the French site NoWhereElse, which has often provided the world with many leaks of HTC devices before in the past. The two images above show a similar design to that which has already leaked out, but the darker color on the left at least suggests more than one color will be launching.

Come April 12th, the date that HTC has reserved for their announcement of the phone, we’ll know pretty much everything we need to know about HTC’s latest and greatest. Hopefully, for fans of HTC and the industry as a whole, this year’s flagship will be more of a success than last year’s One M9.