Latest U.S. Data Shows Android At 52.8%, Samsung At 28.5%

comScore AH

Each month various data sets come in from a number of data analysts and companies and collectively, these sets help to shed some light on the general smartphone landscape. comScore are known for their routine providing of such data and have today released their latest data set. The figures listed below focus primarily on the U.S. smartphone market and compare both the operating system and smartphone markets over two consecutive quarters. In the case of these numbers, the two quarters compared are the three-months leading up to October 2015 and the three-months leading up to January 2016.

In terms of the operating systems, Android saw its end of January figure coming in at 52.8-percent, which generally speaking marks almost no change from the previous three-month period ending October 2015, when Android chalked up 52.9-percent. That said, it still does show a decrease of 0.1-percent over the two periods. On the other hand, Apple saw a marginal increase over the same period with their end of January figure coming in at 43.6-percent. This equated to an increase of 0.3-percent compared to their end of October figure of 43.3-percent. Microsoft stagnated over the two periods with their January figure coming in 2.7-percent, the same as the figure for the previous period. While BlackBerry saw the biggest decrease of the top four with their operating system dropping from 1-percent in October, down to 0.8-percent in January.


Moving on to the smartphone manufacturers and as already noted, Apple secured a 0.3-percent increase over the two periods and lead the way in the U.S. with 43.6-percent. Samsung who remain in second place in the U.S. saw the biggest increase over the two periods with their January figure hitting 28.5-percent, This equated to an increase of 0.6-percent from the previous 27.9-percent for October. LG who were positioned third, saw a 0.2-percent decrease over the two periods with their January total coming in at 9.6-percent, while Motorola also saw a decrease of 0.1-percent, with their January total dropping down to 5-percent. Like Motorola, HTC who completes the top five also saw a 0.1-percent drop with their total falling from October's 3.3-percent to the January total of 3.2-percent.

comScore March (January)