Investments Already In Excess Of $1B For AR & VR In 2016


Virtual reality is literally everywhere at the moment. From general updates on the platform, to new and revised headsets and viewers coming through. In a similar fashion, augmented reality, seems to be doing well too. The common consensus being that these 'realities' are paving the way forward for how consumers will game, watch and interact in the future.

With so many VR/AR news stories coming through of late, it is probably not that surprising to learn that the industry is one which is seeing a significant increase in its investment in 2016. According to the latest figures from Digi-Capital, this is exactly the case. In fact, according to their figures, 2016 is not only a good year for the realities, but in spite of only being March, the industry has already seen more investment in the two realities than the industry did in the entirety of 2015. $1.1 billion to be exact. A figure which Digi-Capital notes is not only greater than the whole of 2016, but is one which marks the first time the industry has surpassed the $1 billion investment marker ever. With only two months of the year gone so far, it seems 2016 could easily climb significantly higher before the year is fully over.


To be fair, there is an element of skewing with these figures as they do take into account a big funding round from Magic Leap, which eats up close to $800 million of that overall investment figure. However, as the report also notes, even without the Magic Leap injection, the industry is still seeing close to a 20-percent increase compared to the the previous quarter, Q4 of last year. In monetary terms, $300 million up from $250 million. A figure which Digi-Capital further notes does not actually accurately represent the current quarter, as there is still another month to run before the first quarter of 2016 is complete. Not to mention, that regardless of the $794 million Magic Leap rounded up in investments, that investment again is a prime example of the level of funding that a singular company can generate in this newer industry. A figure which does further highlight the current dynamic nature of the augmented and virtual reality worlds.

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