In Android N, You can Adjust the Temperature of your Display

Android N 3 AH 00039

Some people like saturated displays, some like warm some like cool displays. Now you can have it all in Android N. Inside the System UI Tuner (long-press the settings icon in the notification shade to make it appear in settings), you are able to calibrate your display and change the temperature of it. This is something that we've been wanting in AOSP for quite some time. As it's already available in other versions of Android, like Samsung's Touchwiz. The feature is under the "Color and Appearance" part of System UI Tuner. You can adjust the red, green and blue colors to your hearts content and get it to the exact color you want.

Similar to when you change display settings on your computer, you will see it change then comes a pop up that will tell you to confirm the changes. And if you don't within 10 seconds, it will revert to the default colors. Obviously this feature is here for you to make small tweaks and make the display look as good as you'd like it too. Definitely a great feature to add into Android N.


This feature will likely make it to the final release later this summer – as we don't see any issues with it. But it'll likely stay in the System UI Tuner. And the reason for this is because it's a feature that most end-users don't need to mess with. In fact it could cause more trouble for most end-users. However power-users can use it as much as they want. Which is why it is hidden. Similar to the reason why developer options are now hidden on all Android devices.

Android N doesn't yet have a name, but we should get one at some point this summer. Google has said that they plan to release five developer previews this year, leading up to the final release sometime in Q3. We're expecting one preview a month, basically. And the final version of Android N should be here around August or September. Which also means we'll be getting new Nexus devices sooner than usual as well. Considering most large updates to Android come with new Nexus devices.