Huawei Pay Announced In China, Specifics Still Unknown

Huawei Pay launch 1

Mobile payment services have been around for a while now, and they’re becoming more and more popular. Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay are quite probably the best known mobile payment options. All of these services have launched in a number of markets, and the Apple Pay actually arrived in China quite recently. Well, it seems like other payment platforms are getting some competition in China considering yet another company is joining the party, read on.

One of China’s largest tech company’s, Huawei, has announced their very own mobile payment service, and it’s called Huawei Pay. The company has introduced their all-new payment service during a press event in China, and Huawei actually partnered up with the Bank of China in order to pull this off. Unfortunately, the company did not reveal any specifics about this service just yet, but they probably will soon. You can expect Huawei Pay to come pre-installed on Huawei’s smartphones though, that is just a guess at this point, but it is an expected move by this China-based company.


A number of China-based smartphone manufacturers are rumored to be working on their very own mobile payment services, and Huawei stepped up and was first to announce such a service, Xiaomi and ZTE are rumored to follow soon though. Huawei has managed to sell 108 million smartphones last year, which was a great success for this company, and it seems their appetite for success is still very much present. It remains to be seen if Huawei Pay is anything like the other payment services out there, as we do expect the company to release the specifics in the coming weeks.

The Huawei Pay will, almost certainly, going to be available in China at first, and then we can expect it to launch outside of the country. Keep in mind that it is possible Huawei might keep their payment services regional (available only in China) though, but we somehow doubt that. Either way, stay tuned for additional info, we’ll report back as soon as Huawei releases more information about Huawei Pay.