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A good portion of our readers probably use Google Drive, Dropbox or some other sort of cloud storage and sharing service. They can be incredibly useful as note-takers, memory-savers or just for transferring files between your machines. There's a lot you can do with any of these utilities, but Google Drive has a fair amount of tips and tricks that some users may not be aware of. In this post, we'll have a look at a few of the lesser-known things a user can do with Google Drive.

One useful tip, provided by commenter TanTermo on the TechRepublic article in the source link, is to use Chrome's Print To Drive feature and direct it to your Drive. Any page you're looking at can then be put into your drive as a PDF file for sharing, future viewing or even editing, if you have the proper programs. To use it, simply hit print on a page like normal, but when the prompt comes up, choose Save To Google Drive as your destination. The file will end up in your Google Drive as a PDF file. There are also a few keyboard shortcuts for Drive that not everybody may know about. When in your Drive page on desktop, Shift+T will create a new text document, Shift+P will create a new presentation, Shift+S will create a new spreadsheet, / will allow you to search, 'd' will show and hide the details pane in the Drive window and n will let you rename the item you currently have selected.


You can also, by creating a publicly shared folder and placing large files in it, send those files via their Drive link to others. This is quite useful, since Gmail only allows sending of files up to 20 MB. To do that, create a folder, then right-click it and hit "Share". From there, click on the drop-down menu near the top and select "Other", then there will be an option to make the folder public. From there, place a file in it, grab the link and give it to whoever you'd like. In the activity tab of a file that's been edited in Drive, you'll be able to view the dates that changes happened and the user that made them. By going into the file, you can view the detailed revision history.

Another useful feature for collaboration is suggestions. A drop down menu in the top right when you access a file will be set to edit by default, but you can change it to Suggesting, all of your edits will appear only as suggestions. Finally, be sure to pay the Add-Ons page a visit. When viewing or editing a particular file, click on "Add-Ons" in the top menu to check it out. Armed with these tips, you'll be able to use Google Drive to its fullest and collaborate better than ever before. Keep in mind that most of these tips can be done on the desktop and mobile version with similar methods.

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