Google's SVP Teases Android N's Arrival On Twitter

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is now over, which means that Google I/O is the next big event we're all waiting for. Some smartphone OEMs might hold separate events in the meantime, but Google I/O dates are already set, and you can expect to see more and more Android N rumors floating around. Google will, almost certainly, talk about the upcoming version of Android during Google I/O, as they do every year, though Android N will not be released at Google I/O, and we probably won't now its name either before the company announces their Nexus device(s) at the end of this year.

That being said, we've already seen some Android N rumors thus far, one of which suggested that Google plans on ditching the app drawer in the new version of Android. Google's latest Google Maps add actually added more fuel to that fire, but the company was quick to dismiss such rumors. They basically said that the Google Maps add does not represent their upcoming UI, which more or less confirms that the app drawer is here to stay, but we'll see. Anyhow, we do have a new piece of info to share with you considering the fact Hiroshi Lockheimer decided to tweet out something really interesting. Google's Senior Vice President said the following: "Received a tip from a source familiar with the matter that Nori is not only healthy but also a very tasty treat," after which he linked Nori's Wikipedia listing. Now, this seems such a random tweet, and its name happens to begin with the letter 'N'. Now, Nori is a Japanese seaweed many of you are probably not familiar with, I know I was not until I read about it. As already mentioned, this is such a random tweet, and it definitely looks like Mr. Lockheimer is trolling us with this post. It's hard to expect Google to name Android 7.0 'Nori', the next version of Andriod is more likely to carry the 'Nutella' or 'Nougat' naming, Nori is not exactly a treat after all.

We don't know much about Android N thus far, aside from what leaked in a recent report, but it is likely this will be yet another coat of paint on top of Marshmallow, if I can put it that way. Marshmallow did bring quite a few features to the table, but it did not heavily change the overall design or anything of the sort, it was basically a significantly improved version of Lollipop. Well, Android N will certainly bring new features as well, but we doubt that Google will change much in terms of looks. Either way, stay tuned, rumors and leaks will quite probably start popping up soon.

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