Google’s Calculator App Now Has Android Wear Support

March 30, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

The Calculator is such a simple app in the realm of what you’ll be doing with it, but as a calculator it’s certainly capable of complex things. Google’s calculator app is probably close to as simple as they come both in function and in style as it follows the minimal and yet colorful UI known to material design apps, and as of now Google has ended up placing the Calculator app in the Play Store for all users to download and install if they wish to have it over whatever stock calculator they have on their device. Google has also put the app through an update alongside its official Play Store launch that adds a handy new feature.

Google’s Calculator now has Android Wear support, meaning that the moment you install it on a device, if you have an Android Wear smartwatch connected it will install the app to your watch so you can use the app from your wrist anytime that you need to. With the app being in the Play Store, any device whether or not it’s a Nexus smartphone or tablet can access and install it although it seems to be limited to devices which are running on Android 6.0 Marshmallow, but more importantly it means that Google will be able to update the app more consistently and more often without having to wait until the next time they push out a full fledged software update to the version of Android itself.

Other than the launch inside of the Play Store the only new change to the app seems to be the Android Wear support, so there’s really nothing else to expect in the realm of exciting new features, for now at least. As stated above, the app being in the Play Store means that Google can now update the app more often, which means they could end up adding a new feature or two down the road. For now, this will serve as an easy way for users to complete basic functions whether on their mobile device or their Android Wear smartwatch. If you want to download the app you can now find it in the Play Store no matter what type of device you have.