Googler Janice Wong Talks 'Android For Work' In Latest Video


Android devices have mostly been consumer-oriented thus far, but Google has been persistent with its efforts at getting businesses on board. While Android’s openness has been its strength within the enthusiast community in particular and the consumer market at large, Apple’s iPhones and iPads have traditionally been preferred by businesses precisely because of their locked-down nature. Google, for its part, has been taking a number of steps in recent times in order to address some of the concerns of enterprises without alienating the enthusiast community that popularized the platform in the first place. The Mountain View, California-based tech giant originally laid out its ‘Android for Work’ plans last February, but has since introduced new features to appeal to corporate IT administrators.

Earlier this year, the company doubled down on its efforts, announcing some new initiatives to make its operating system more enterprise-friendly in order to get Android devices more broadly adopted by large corporates and small businesses alike. To do that, Google has introduced some new features to the newer versions of Android (Lollipop and Marshmallow) that will separate work and personal spheres within the same device, thereby addressing the overarching need for security and privacy among enterprises. Google has also been working with a number of companies that specialize in software security solutions for enterprises, and has even introduced an “Android for Work’ app that will bring some of those business-oriented features to older devices running on outdated versions of Android like KitKat, Jelly Bean and even Ice Cream Sandwich.


Now, as part of Google’s increasing push towards getting a larger share of the enterprise pie, the company has released a new video that shows the product manager of ‘Android for Work’, Ms. Janice Wong, speaking on a variety of issues related to the new initiative. In the interview, she talks about her role in making Android more enterprise-friendly and also notes that the platform will allow companies to offer a wider array of devices to their employees. She also highlights the ongoing work that’s been going on internally at Google, as regards the mobile versions of enterprise email and calendar apps. Interested users can check out the embedded video to know more about ‘Android for Work’.

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