Google Testing Simpler Ratings Layout in Play Store?


The Play Store has become a massive part of the Android experience, and what once was just a necessity in the form of the Android Market has become a quality store that rivals iTunes in practically every way these days. One thing that Google has become known for more recently is their handling of small tweaks and such to the way that the Play Store presents apps, games and how they're all organized. Now, a small tweak to how users rate an app seems to be on the horizon.

As noted by a tipster who passed it on to Android Police, it appears as though Google is looking to do away with the pop-up box that appears when the Play Store app asks for a short comment and title for your feedback. The screenshots, provided by José Alvarez Núñez show an inline approach to leaving a rating and a comment, streamlining the overall look and feel of the Play Store. This change also does away with the "title" field, which could be a double-edged sword for developers. On the one hand, it will help weed out titles that don't offer much beyond a complaint, but on the other hand it could make it difficult to pinpoint common problems quickly. Presumably, Google is making this change to encourage more people to leave a rating and/or a comment. When the average user sees another popup box, it probably makes something appear a bigger deal to the user than it actually is. Google has been working on tweaks like these for some time now, and teased this very change last year, apparently.


With so many changes having been made over the last few years, the Play Store has become much more streamlined and simple to navigate. The big Material Design update from the Lollipop days made a massive change to the appearance and overall user experience. The countdown to Google I/O, scheduled for this May, has already started and we should see a new version of Android announced alongside even more tweaks to the Play Store like this small one here.

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