Google Starts April Fools' Jokes Early With Nexus 16 In Space

Nexus Logo AH 00091

The end of March is nearing and while that does mean we are getting closer to a number of high-profile product launches like the HTC 10, we are also getting closer to April 1st, more affectionately known as April Fools’ Day. Typically speaking, the mobile industry is one which is not immune to the April ups and downs and a number of high-profile companies are sometimes at the root of it all. Google and Samsung being prime examples. In fact, last year the jokes started even earlier with Samsung announcing the Galaxy BLADE Edge and Google introducing Pac-Man to Google Maps and also announcing the launch of their latest product, Google Panda. All before March had even ended.

Well, it now looks as though Google is starting the April Fools’ Day action even earlier this year, as developers are noting some interesting reviews that are popping up on the Android Developer Console page for their apps. The reviews are being noted by a number of developers and all do come with the same common theme. Firstly, the review is by an astronaut who is currently in space. Secondly, the review dates appear to be from April 1st in the year 2029. Thirdly, the apps are rated using five rockets instead of stars and lastly, the device being used to leave the review is a ‘Nexus Space’.


For those unfamiliar with the Nexus Space, this is the 2029 Nexus model which also goes by the ‘Nexus 16’ moniker. It is an impressive phone which comes with a 3,000 x 2000 resolution. However, it is one which does suffer a little in terms of software. A “little” being a lot as the Nexus Space is largely behind the times and is a device which comes running on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow). Presumably it was one of the Nexus devices which did not recently see its Android N developer preview factory image being released or maybe the user simply has yet to enroll in the Android Beta OTA program. Either way, if you have access to the Android Developer Console, then it might be worth logging in as you might have a new review there from Alex Scott.

Nexus space app review