Google Sky Map Update Brings Improvements & More Stars

March 1, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Google’s Sky Map has long been one of the easiest ways to utilize your smartphone or tablet to see the stars and constellations in the sky, and now Google has made things just a little bit better with a recent update that has started being pushed out to the device as of today. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Google has given the application any visual update treatment as there is no material design style UI or any noticeable visual changes to the app, aside from the menu now being accessible from the action bar. Having said that, the menu location change might just be enough to satisfy the current Sky Map users.

It’s also worth noting that since Google has seen fit to update Sky Map even with the small list of mostly under the hood improvements, there’s a possible chance that Google may end up pushing out other updates to the application in the future which introduce changes to UI to make the look and feel more modern and up to date with their other most used apps. Aside from the new location of the menu which now resides in the action bar area, Sky Map also has a few changes which aren’t necessarily visible in terms of the app interface but they’re still likely to be welcomed additions to the app.

First and foremost, users of Sky Map will now be able to see twice as many stars with the utilization of the app than before, which despite not being a huge visual tweak, it is a pretty big functional change, displaying that Google has put quite a bit of effort into making the app much more useful than before. There have also been some bug fixes and improvements implemented so things should work more smoothly than they have before. In addition, Google has also added in Arabic language translation, and some data errors have been fixed as well. Google also states that planet order has been fixed too, and Jupiter now appears behind Venus as it should, where it was out of order prior to this update. If you’re already a Sky Map user you may see the update in your my apps list inside of the Play Store, and if you’re not a Sky Map user but you wanted to give it a shot you can pick it from the Play Store button below.