Google Releases New Google Analytics 360 Suite


Google's current analytics products, mostly tied into things like Blogger and their cloud services, as well as their infrastructure-as-a-service products, are fairly good at telling entrepreneurs and site owners how to get more traffic, more business and, in short, more money. Of course, nothing is perfect in life and there is always some room for improvement. Their existing general analytics suite, Google Analytics, is no different. The suite has received a redesign and a ton of new features along with a new name. Now known as Google Analytics 360, the new suite comes with integration tools centered around multi-screen engagement tracking to adapt to the very 21st century practice of users simply finding information and content on whatever device is available, whether that's a laptop during work, a tablet on the couch or their smartphone on the bus.

The new suite is designed to be unified and seamless, aimed at showing the "complete customer journey" across devices and visits. New algorithms and data sources are on board to enable automation and aggregation of data analysis, leading to a clearer and more concise picture of trends surrounding your product. The headline feature of the newest iteration of Google's analytics tool, however, is cross-platform and cross-product user profile monitoring, across your entire website or entire product suite, catching it up with the features found in Facebook's newest analytics efforts. Curated ads that follow user activity and deliver targeted content can give users a unified experience and better in-service and cross-service integration, leading to better engagement, more time spent engaged and, hopefully, more revenue.


The new tools are aimed squarely at enterprise customers, especially those of larger sizes. The tools are made to allow for easy collaboration, as well as targeting and filtering that allows looking into what might work best for each individual user or sorting by demographic, interests or engagement method, among other filters. The powerful collaboration tools would allow things like the marketing team sharing condensed data with the R&D team to iterate on a product in a way that will earn it more fans in a given segment, or allow the social media team to work hand in hand with the I.T. team to beef up platforms for products that are gaining steam. The new suite is already on full release status and available for interested parties, so check out the source link for Google's full announcement and details on how to obtain and implement the suite.


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