Google OnHub Update will Guide your Device to the Fastest Band

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Google’s OnHub is their router, that doesn’t look anything like a router. Actually it looks like a fatter Amazon Echo, to be honest. The OnHub was made by Google, along with their partners, ASUS and TP-Link, to work better in this new internet age we are living in. Specifically, the Internet of Things. With so many devices connecting to our WiFi network these days, we need a router that can be optimized for these devices, and that is what OnHub is. OnHub retails for around $200, although the ASUS version has been priced at around $179 as of late. It’s not cheap, but it’s definitely worth it. Many have experienced much faster and more reliable internet since adding this to their home network.

The company has been pushing out updates to the OnHub pretty regularly since its release. And today’s update brings a couple of big features to the router. One is Automatic Band Steering. And it is exactly what it sounds like. The router will guide your device, whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, computer or another product, to connect to the faster band. Whether that’s 2.4GHz or 5GHz. This is important because it will help improve the speed for these devices and help with the network performance, overall.


Another feature heading to the OnHub in this update is Network Check History. What this does is it checks the network on your OnHub each and every day. It will keep these test results for 60 days, so you can see what your normal speed actually is on your network. The reason for this is, because sometimes when your internet feels slow, it may not actually be slow. And this way you’ll be able to check the Network Check History and see if the speeds have dropped at all. Making it a pretty interesting and impressive feature for the OnHub.

These new features, as well as the usual bug fixes and performance enhancements, are rolling out to the Google On app right now, which is available on Google Play (also available for iOS on the Apple App Store). The update should be available shortly.