Google+ Offers Perks With New "Create" Program

google plus create ah

When Google launched Google+ back in 2011, the company hoped to build an vast social network that could compete with massively popular social sites like Facebook and Twitter. The company made a huge investment in their new platform, and then-CEO Larry Page did everything within his power to promote the network and boost user-adoption in its early years. Sadly, the platform never quite achieved the status and user-base of Google’s largest competitors, and claims about the social network’s demise became a regular topic online. Despite all of their setbacks, Google hasn’t given up on Google+, and the company continues to support the platform by continually tweaking the interface and adding fresh new features to keep users engaged (such as Collections). Moreover, with the launch of the new Google+ Create program, the company plans to give even greater exposure to some of the platform’s most active and creative users.

According to Google, the Create program will assist eligible participants in generating greater exposure for their content throughout the Google+ community. Some of the program’s perks include prime placement in the new “Featured Collections” section, a verification of the member’s profile (so that users know they’re a real person), early access to upcoming Google+ features, and even some involvement with Google’s own marketing efforts. Ultimately, these benefits will help prospective members in building up their audiences while also helping Google to create more engaging and targeted content for the Google+ community. It’s a win-win for both sides, and it might just be what Google needs to help jump-start the platform’s popularity.


So, how do you get involved if you’re interested? Well, the process isn’t as simple as filling in an opt-in form. Google lays out very specific requirements for Create users before they can even be considered for membership. They require all participants to have themed Collections, and members must demonstrate an ability to produce quality content on a regular basis. Furthermore, Google wants applicants to be active users who post new content on the network at least once a week. If the user meets those qualifications, they have to fill out a short web application in order to submit their name for consideration. The program is definitely worth checking out If you’re an active Google+ user and you’re looking to gain a little more exposure for your content.