Google Maps Now Lets You Tour Historic Thailand Spots

Over the last year or so Google has been adding more places to Google Maps that users could explore through StreetView, essentially making it possible to visit and travel to various place around the world without actually having to be there. While Google had recently started mapping out Disney’s Orlando, FL-based theme park, Disney World, the most recent set of locations where StreetView users can visit and explore are all in Thailand, as Google states they have added over 150 new historic locations to check out including Thailand’s famous Sukhothai Historical Park. All of these new locations are available to view inside of the Google Maps web app, as well as in the stand-alone StreetView app that users can find on Android and iOS.

Aside from the Sukhothai Historical Park, you can also visit places like Chai Watthanaram Temple as well as the Phanom Rung National Park. Google also sent the trekker as well as the Google Maps vehicle around to different locations within the country including the 2000 Tea Plantation and the Strawberry Fields of Ban Nor Lae Village. If you’re interested in viewing some of the places Google visited in Thailand as part of this mapping expedition, there are a few photos that have been included here courtesy of Google’s blog post, but they’re really just the tip of the iceberg compared to full capacity of what’s available to view.

While touring the Thai countryside and other parts of the region may be breathtaking and a great way to scope out some places to visit in person if you’re considering making a trip, Google has recently offered a less serious exploration within the Maps and StreetView apps, allowing users to tour the home of Bruce Wayne as well as the Batcave, which is Google’s fun little way of helping to promote the new Batman vs Superman film that recently launched in theaters. If you like what you see here, you can open up Maps or StreetView and find the rest of the locations that Google has mapped out fairly easily, and if you’re exploring within the StreetView application Google has made it as simple as possible to see most of the locations through the collection they’ve created called Thailand Highlights. StreetView can be picked up from the Play Store if you don’t already have it installed.

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