Google Maps May Allow Saving Routes For Offline Use

Google Maps is one of the most used applications on Android for directions and navigation, and although Google has already implemented the capability to save maps for use offline, a new update that looks to be in the works may be preparing the app for an upcoming feature that would expand the offline capability. According to details from a teardown of the latest version apk, Google may be looking to soon add the ability for saving routes for use offline in addition to simply saving maps. While evidence of this feature appears in the apk, there is still a chance that Google may not end up adding it in the next update or at all for that matter.

If Google ends up introducing this feature later on, based on the details it seems that users would be able to save a route for navigation or directions, along with the maps to accompany the route so long as the map size was able to be downloaded and stored. If the map file size is too large for storage, then there is perhaps a possibility that Google could allow Maps to store other useful information like the names of streets and or highways that are involved in a route someone has requested to save for use offline at any point. Other than the strings of code in the apk referencing offline route use, there isn't much else to describe what the feature will include and what its limits will be, assuming Google does end up adding it into the app later.

Other than the possible function for saving routes offline, Google appears to have added a brand-new easter egg within Maps for people to find if they're willing to go through the steps. The easter egg refers to "Funky Town," although it isn't entirely clear exactly what Google referencing with that label or what happens when you discover the easter egg. At this point in time it doesn't appear that anyone has figured it out just yet, but it likely won't be too long before a display of what the easter egg actually is pops up on the web. If you want the latest version of Google Maps that has the evidence for the offline routes and the easter egg, you can grab it from the apk download below.

Download Google Maps apk v9.22.1

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