Google Introduces Analytics For Cast App Developers

March 4, 2016 - Written By John Anon

One of the real product success stories of late is Google’s Chromecast. The original Chromecast was one of the best selling streaming devices available and its follow up device seems to be doing equally as well. Not to mention, the success of Chromecast led the company to release an offshoot product specifically designed for audio, the aptly named Chromecast Audio. Of course, the one commonality between the devices is their use of Cast technology to send video or audio data to another device.

Well, with such an increasingly level of adoption for the various Chromecast devices, one would expect that there would be a rich variety of Chromecast apps available and there is. However, in spite of the rich variety of apps which offer Cast functionality and the wide level of adoption, developers have not had a decent way to understand the reach of their apps. That does now looked to have changed though, as Google today confirmed the availability of tools to measure exactly this.

Google has today confirmed that developers will now be able to get analytical information directly from the Google Cast Developer Console. For anyone who uses Google Analytics for website usage monitoring, the overall process for the Cast developers seems to be much the same. Analytic pages now include information on how many devices have used the app, the number of sessions used for the app, average playback time per session and more. Offering Cast app developers a far more detailed level of understanding on how their apps are doing. Not to mention, the information on offer can be further broken down by factors like country. So again, developers can get a better understanding of how their Cast apps are doing in specific territories as well. Google has confirmed that the new Cast analytics are now live and for those interested in checking out their app details, can do so by heading to the Developer Console and once signed in, heading to the ‘Application’ table, From there, a new ‘Statistics’ column will be visible and showing a ‘View’ link which will bring up the new analytics data. You can see an example of how the new information looks in the image below.

Cast Analytics Google 02