Google Docs Now Supports EPUB File Exports

March 7, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

Whatever you use Google Docs for, whether work or school, the main purpose of the app is to write. Typing stuff up in Google Docs gives people an alternative to using something like Microsoft Word, and while Docs has already had much of a reason for users to select it over Word as their service of choice for typing up any and all documents, Google today just announced a new feature which should make it that much more enticing to anyone who wants to make their content creations that much easier to consume digitally. As of today, Google Docs will now support EPUB files, more specifically, it will let users export whatever they type in Docs and transition it into an EPUB file so they can make it more widely available.

EPUB files according to Google are the most widely used file format for publishing documents and digital books, meaning more people, like up and coming novelists for instance, are likely to be using EPUB files for making their writings available to those who consume content digitally. With a myriad of e-reader applications out there, many of which support EPUB files, this should come as an extremely useful tool for anyone who uses Docs to write. This ties in nicely with Google’s own Play Books application which supports the import of EPUB file formats.

Google states that the full rollout for this feature to appear could take anywhere from one to three days from today, so it may show up today for some users and not till mid-week for others. With that being the case, users will simply have to be patient in waiting for it to arrive. Once the feature is live though for users, accessing the export to EPUB is pretty easy. All users will have to do is click on the file menu, download as, and then click EPUB publication. That will automatically save the Doc file in EPUB format, and then you can make it easy for people to access your writings digitally no matter the type of device they’ll be reading it on. Google doesn’t mention whether or not this feature will be coming to the Android app, but this is rolling out to the web app version of Google Docs accessible from within Chrome.