Google Confirms Support Ending June 30 For Google Wallet Card


It seems today is starting to look like a day of confirmations. A couple of days ago, a leaked memo hinted that Verizon were about to introduce a new $20 fee for those looking to upgrade their handset on the Verizon network. A rumor which became more official today when Verizon confirmed the fee and it's April 4 start today. Earlier this week also saw reports coming through suggesting that Google was preparing to pull the plug on its physical card service for Google Wallet. Another rumor which now looks to have been confirmed today by Google.

According to the latest information coming through, Google Wallet Card owners are now starting to receive emails notifying them that their Wallet Card is going to see its support being dropped in the near future. The emails also seem to be confirming much of the details which were noted in the earlier report, including the slow process of ending the Wallet Card Support. To recap, the emails today are confirming that from June 30, Google's Wallet Card will completely stop being supported. Until then, Card owners will be able to continue using their Wallet Card to make purchases. However, from May 1 through to the June 30 date, users will not be able to upload any funds to their cards. So during those two months, Wallet Cards will only be able to make use and spend existing funds. Interestingly, the emails do advise that American Express and Simple offer similar services and suggests that Google Wallet Card users may want to consider switching to either of those services.


As mentioned in the earlier reports, it does need to be made clear that the support is only being dropped for Google Wallet Card and not Google Wallet in general. In fact, the emails sent out do highlight that going forward the Google Wallet app will be made "easier than ever" to send and receive funds. If you are a Google Wallet Card owner, then you should see the email arriving soon enough, if you have not already that is. In the meantime, you can see how the email looks and its content in the image below.

Google Wallet Card end

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