Google Adds Encryption Section To Transparency Report

March 15, 2016 - Written By John Anon

The topic of encryption is one which does not seem to be subsiding anytime soon. In fact, yesterday saw a report coming through suggesting that a number of tech companies are planning to up their focus on encryption going forward. While specifics were not provided, services said to be seeing an increase in their levels of encryption included the likes of Facebook, WhatsApp and Snapchat. Google was also mentioned to be one of the companies who were planning on looking again at ways in which they can increase their encryption levels.

Speaking of which, it now seems that Google wants its users to be aware of its encryption in more detail. As part of its transparency measures, Google has now starting displaying the number of Google requests which use HTTPS encryption. While encryption does currently seem to be the hot topic, it is not a new one and HTTPS is one of the measures which has been in place for some time to ensure that transactions and general communications conducted online are protected and encrypted. So while the use of HTTPS is not new, Google actively announcing that it wants to keep people informed on its HTTPS use in a transparent way is likely to be tying in with the more current topical aspects of encryption.

According to Google, the reason for adding the new section of the Transparency Report is to “hold ourselves accountable” while also encouraging “others to encrypt so we can make the web even safer for everyone“. The announcement goes on to say that each week the report will be updated to further highlight the progress Google has been making on implementing HTTPS to its services, as well as noting that more of Google’s services will be added to the report in due time. For instance, the chart below which was provided by Google shows the percentage of requests which use encrypted connections, although it does not include traffic from YouTube  The announcement goes on to further highlight the issues with employing encryption fully and does note that they have some way still to go. Closing out the announcement post, Google comments that while encryption is “not easy work“, it is “an increasingly essential element of online security“. Those interested in reading more about the new HTTPS encryption section of Google’s Transparency Report can do so by heading through the source link below.

Google Encyrption requests chart