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Earlier this year, Fitbit surprised everyone by announcing yet another smartwatch, during CES 2016. However, unlike their previous offering, the Fitbit Surge, the Fitbit Blaze is more smartwatch than it is fitness tracker this time around, in so much that users will be able to change the strap. This allows people to use the one device constantly, and just change their strap for different occasions. This is similar to the Apple Watch, and will no doubt please those looking for something with a fitness focus, but also something they can wear to work or wear out to dinner and so on. The Blaze is now available to purchase from Amazon, starting at $200.

Also available at Best Buy and such, the Fitbit Blaze is competitively-priced and offers a lot of features other smartwatches simply can't keep up with. Not only does this feature Fitbit's trademark fitness tracking abilities, but it also lasts for five days on a single charge, making this much better than the one or two-day battery life from the likes of the Moto 360 Sport or Huawei Watch. The main aim of the Blaze is to offer a fitness tracker and watch all-in-one, and we'd say that Fitbit have certainly managed to do just that. With numerous accessories available – like leather and metal watch bands – and decent notification support, there's more than enough on offer for a smartwatch. Those accessories however, don't come cheap and the leather band in brown will cost $100 or so.


Right now, the Blaze is available in two different sizes – a Small and a Large option – as well as in three different colors; blue, black and plum. These colors only change the included silicon watch strap though. Whereas the Fitbit Surge was a single unit, with no removable strap the Blaze is much more flexible and will allow users to change straps, just as they might have done with a Fitbit Flex. Those interested in getting a Blaze for themselves can hit the button below to be taken to Amazon, and watch the introduction video from Fitbit for a little more information.

Buy the Fitbit Blaze from Amazon

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