Featured Review: Verus High Pro Shield for the Nexus 6P


The Huawei Nexus 6P is the most "premium" Nexus smartphone to date. With it being made of metal and glass. However, glass can shatter, and metal can get dented and as such, many are looking for cases to protect their Nexus 6P. There are plenty of great options out there already, which we've taken a look at some from Cover-Up and Poetic already. Verus has also thrown their hat into the arena for cases for the Huawei-made Nexus 6P with the High Pro Shield. Now Verus isn't as popular as say Spigen, Poetic, or Incipio, but they do put out some amazing cases. Let's see how well the High Pro Shield stacks up.

As far as the design goes with the High Pro Shield, it looks very high-end. It has a brushed-metal look on the back, with more of a matte finish at the top and bottom. Verus only offers it with a black back, but there are choices for the frame that goes around the sides of the High Pro Shield. Here we have the Crimson Red. Verus also offers it in Electric Blue, Satin Silver, Shine Gold, and Steel Silver. The red really makes the sides stand out, at least in my opinion. We have the Aluminum Nexus 6P here and with the cut out for the fingerprint reader on the back, it looks quite nice. With the Graphite color it looks nice as well, but doesn't stand out as much. The fingerprint reader is pretty easy to use still. While the area around it isn't as open as it is on other cases, the High Pro Shield isn't as thick so it makes it even easier to use it. There were no issues with the fingerprint reader not reading my fingerprint at all. This is actually an issue I haven't found on any case for the Nexus 6P so far.



Speaking of cut outs, Verus has one for the microphone hole on the back, below the camera and glass area. There is also one for the camera module. Which allows you to use the dual-LED flash, laser auto-focus and the camera. However, one thing I did notice is that part of the camera area is covered, it's very subtle and most people likely won't even realize it. Part of that reason is because it doesn't affect taking pictures with the Nexus 6P whatsoever. Always a good thing for those that take lots of pictures, but want to protect their smartphone. As always, there's a cut out for the headphone jack up top and the USB Type-C port on the bottom. The USB Type-C hole is large enough to still charge your device, however with some headphones the headphone jack isn't quite large enough. Unless you are using a high-end pair of cans, you likely will be perfectly fine, however. But it would have been nice for the opening to be a bit larger.

There are no openings on the side for the volume and power button. Instead they are raised a bit and stand out since the matte part of the case sticks through the frame. They work perfectly fine, although they do need to be worked in a little bit. One thing I have noticed is that they aren't as clicky as they would be without the case on the Nexus 6P. Not necessarily a bad thing, so to speak, but it is something that some won't be happy with. And since we've had issues with other cases, there are no issues here in taking a screenshot using the Power + Volume Down method.



Protection with the High Pro Shield won't be as good as what you'd get from a larger more rugged smartphone case. However, this does provide you plenty of protection for your Nexus 6P. There is a lip along the front of the device that will protect the display, should you drop it. Now this doesn't mean it's going to completely protect the display, but it should act as a buffer, no matter how the phone is dropped. While it's good to have a lip over the front of the case, it can sometimes be pretty large and troublesome for using the phone. Luckily the lip is a bit tapered here so it's not much of an issue. Speaking of protection the inner layer of this case is a TPU case. Which means it's nice and flexible. However, Verus made it with their Air Space Structure so that it will absorb impact when the phone gets dropped. This is to ensure that the case takes the damage and not your smartphone. After all that's what you bought the case for. The outer portion, or the frame is made of polycarbonate, which can also take some damage, and likely would take all of the damage. Seeing as phones always seem to land on the face or the sides, for some reason.

This is one of the thinner cases I've used on the Nexus 6P, and have to say it is my favorite. I, personally, don't like the thicker cases, and often times will opt for no case. As it usually makes the device much more bulky and thick than it needs to be. The High Pro Shield is a great case because it's thin, yet it still provides the needed protection for your Nexus 6P. It's also great looking. I have to say, it's one of the best looking cases I've used in quite a long time. I'm a really big fan of the brushed-metal looking back on this. Although the red on black also looks really good with the Nexus 6P, as you can see in the pictures throughout this review.



If you're someone who wants or needs a case to protect their Nexus 6P, then definitely pick up the High Pro Shield. While it is a bit more expensive than most of the other cases on the market right now, it is definitely worth it in the long run. As mentioned above, the High Pro Shield only comes with a black back, but it is offered in a few different frame colors. Including the Crimson Red you see here, there's also the Electric Blue, Satin Silver, Shine Gold and Steel Silver. Mobile Fun offers the Verus High Pro Shield for the Nexus 6P in all of these colors. They currently are offering it for just $19.99. Definitely a case worth picking up for the Nexus 6P.

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