Featured Review: Spigen Rugged Armor Case for Nexus 6P


Most people that buy flagship smartphones and don't want to break or damage their device will throw a case on their smartphone. Even if it does make it bulky or ugly. These days, we have plenty of great looking cases available, however, for many smartphones out there including the Nexus 6P from Google and Huawei. Spigen's Rugged Armor case is what we're taking a look at today. This case is actually available for most smartphones that Spigen makes cases for. We've been using the case on our Nexus 6P for almost two weeks now, and have loved the way it makes the Nexus 6P look and how it has protected the device over that time period. Not to mention the feel of the Nexus 6P while in the Spigen Rugged Armor case.

When it comes to cases, a lot of people are afraid of how bulky the case will make the smartphone its protecting. That's one reason why I wasn't such a big fan of the cases from Poetic and Cover-Up. While the Cover-Up cases did look pretty amazing on the Nexus 6P, it was a bit bulky for my taste. However the Spigen Rugged Armor has become my new favorite. It's rather thin, but still able to protect virtually all of the Nexus 6P. Essentially, the Rugged Armor is a TPU case from Spigen, with a carbon fiber look at the top where the Nexus 6P would have it's black visor. And another type of "visor" that is done up in a carbon fiber look at the bottom of the case. Spigen has also highlighted the antenna lines which are also present on the Nexus 6P. It gives it a subtle look, but a good one, at least in my opinion.



Now on the back, we have a few cut outs. There's one that is for the camera, flash and laser auto-focus. Many other cases do actually cover up part of the auto-focus mechanism in the Nexus 6P, and while this does cover up a tiny bit of the camera, it doesn't affect the camera performance at all. We're still able to take pictures with the Nexus 6P without any issues. Auto-focus is just as fast as usual, and pictures are nice and clear. Below that, there is a cut out there for the microphone. So you'll still be able to use that microphone for recording and such. Of course we also have one for the fingerprint reader. Now the fingerprint sensor doesn't have as big of a cut out as some of the other cases we've tried, but it does work just as well. We have a beveled edge around the cutout, which makes it more comfortable to place your finger in the fingerprint reader. It also makes it a bit more subtle as to where the reader is without turning the phone around to look at it. There are only two other cut outs which include the USB Type-C port and the 3.5mm headphone jack. Both of these cutouts are larger than the actual port. We haven't had any issues with plugging in our charger or headphones to the Nexus 6P with the Spigen Rugged Armor case on the smartphone. Which is great news, as that has been a problem for some on other cases.



As far as the volume rocker and the power button go, there isn't a cut out for either of those. But there is some indentation there which helps you realize where the buttons are and which is which without looking. Neither the power button or the volume rocker are as clicky as they once were, but they still work just as well. With a few other cases, users have issues with not being able to take a screenshot (Volume Down + Power), however that is not an issue here. I am able to take plenty of screenshots without any issues at all. Always a relief there.

When it comes to the display, since we know the back and sides are all protected, Spigen has a lip – although a small one – to protect the display. This means that if you put your phone face down, or maybe drop it on its face, the display won't actually hit the ground, but the case will. That's the entire reason why you bought a case for the Nexus 6P. Additionally, Spigen has their Air Cushion technology – which is patented – in the corners that will protect the device if it is dropped on the corner of the smartphone. This way the case will take the damage and not your smartphone. Again, the reason why you bought it.



Overall, the Spigen Rugged Armor case is pretty flexible – after all it is made out of TPU material – and makes things nice and easy to take off the case if you happen to want to do so. One thing I have noticed is that this case will attract a lot of dust in the corners and side of the display. This really can be an issue with any case, to some extent, but it seems to be an even bigger issue with the Rugged Armor. It's not a big deal, just pop the phone out, clean it off and you're good to go. But still worth noting.

If you're looking for a case to use with the Nexus 6P, this one from Spigen is definitely worth picking up. Typically I don't keep cases on my smartphone for long, as I'd rather use the phone without a case. But I've actually really stuck to the Spigen Rugged Armor for the Nexus 6P and absolutely love it. Not only does it look amazing, but it also feels great in the hand. Which the Nexus 6P already felt great, the Spigen Rugged Armor just helps to cement that feeling. In addition to that, the Rugged Armor is not slippery at all, where the Nexus 6P is metal and metal is slippery, that is a great thing to have going for this case. Definitely recommended for anyone looking for a way to make the Nexus 6P a tad bit less slippery.



Mobile Fun is selling the Spigen Rugged Armor for the Nexus 6P right now for just $17.99. Sure it's more expensive than many of the other cases that you can find on Amazon, but given the quality of the Spigen Rugged Armor, I definitely would spend that extra cash on it. Just to have that peace of mind that my $400+ Nexus 6P is safe and sound.

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