Facebook's Android App Now Lets You Upload HD Pics


Facebook's Android app has been through some rough times over the years, garnering plenty of negative attention from users and initially comparing it to the iPhone version of the app. Since the launch of the Android app years ago Facebook has turned it into a pretty decent offering compared to it's beginning, and Facebook seems to be continuing to add changes to the app to make it more compelling and keep it as much like the web version of the service as possible. While tentative new features like a possible feed dedicated to videos only have yet to be a confirmed inclusion for any of Facebook's versions, the latest Face for Android app update lets users upload HD quality photos.

This is something that users have been able to do from the website for quite some time, so it's likely a nice surprise to users who upload a lot of pictures to Facebook to finally see this option available to users of the Android app, and it makes quite a bit of sense given that many people use their smartphone as their main camera these days. To find this particular option which is actually a toggle that seems to be disabled by default and not a mandatory feature, all users need to do is open up the Facebook app and head to the app settings. If you've never been to the Facebook app settings within the app before, simply tap the three lines button to the far right of the top bar and app settings will be towards the bottom of that slide out menu.


Inside of the app settings page, there should be a toggle switch under "links open externally" that will be labeled as "upload HD photos," although this seems to be a feature which Facebook has to turn on server side as not all users are seeing this option in the latest version of the application. Having said that, there is no way of knowing how long it will take for users who are on the latest app version but don't currently have the HD photo uploads to actually have the ability to turn the feature on and off.

Facebook HD photo uploads

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