‘Eve by Glow’ Is A Nicely Designed Period Tracking App

March 7, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

People often get surprised by the diversity of applications available in the Google Play Store. I often talk to my friends and acquaintances, and they don’t even realize how many different, and yet useful apps are available in there. As an example, I talked to a buddy of mine the other day, and he had no idea he can download a simple ruler from the Google Play Store, and was even more surprised when he saw that there are various other such tools available as part of the app I suggested.

Well, rulers are one thing, period tracker, something completely different. There are tons of period trackers available in the Google Play Store, and such apps seem to be quite popular with women. There’s a good reason for it as well, it gives them a great way of tracking their period, and most of such apps include various additional options in them. Well, ‘Eve by Glow – Period Tracker’ is definitely one such app, and it’s one of the newer period trackers out there. This app has been rated almost 700 times thus far, and currently holds 4.5 average score, which is great for a relatively new app. The ‘Eve by Glow’ features a very nice design, and a ton of options on the inside. Along with the usual options, you can keep track of your moods, PMS symptoms, etc. Your health data is always at hand, and it’s easy to track thanks to the design of this application. Interesting enough, this app also contains various women’s health topics which are being updated every single day. The app will help you forecast your ovulation and fertility, of course, in addition to everything else it has to offer.

This application is completely free to download and use, and in case you’d like to know more before you actually download it, there are a number of official images available in the gallery down below. The ‘Eve by Glow – Period Tracker’ app is one of the best designed period tracking apps out there, and if you’re in a market for such an app, this one might be worth the shot.