Dynamo Uses Galaxy S7 Camera to Create Everyday Illusions


If there's one thing that Samsung is better at than pretty much everyone else it's marketing. More than just sticking adverts on billboards or the side of tiny busses, Samsung has a powerful marketing machine that works through product placement, sponsorship deals and a whole lot more. For the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, it seems as though Samsung is really stepping things up in terms of marketing for their 2016 flagships. TV ads have started to run, and this year samsung is getting involved in less mainstream endeavors, such as sponsoring YouTuber Casey Neistat's visit to the Oscars. Now, they've partnered with UK Magician, Dynamo, to create "Everyday Illusions" using the Galaxy S7 camera.

Dynamo, more popular across the pond in the UK than anywhere else, is known for his magic tricks – often performed on the street – that leave people guessing as to just how they were pulled off. For the Galaxy S7 promotion, Dynamo went around London and took some interesting shots with some props and a Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. All the pictures were taken with the Galaxy S7 Edge's camera, and while there was of course some extra lighting and help from a team of professionals, the end results do help to show off just what the Galaxy S7 is capable of. While not quite just Dynamo "out on the street with [his] phone" as he ends the below video on, it's impressive nonetheless.


The "everyday illusions" as they're called involve the magician posing as a giant or a tiny person reaching for a drink, putting on a massive pair of shoes and in the most elaborate shot; walking out of water. This is another example of how creative someone can be with the camera that they have in their pocket, in this case the Galaxy S7 Edge, and while the "forced perspective" technique used here takes some time to get right, it's something that practically anybody can use with whatever phone or camera they have to hand. Easily dismissed as yet another publicity stunt by Samsung, these are fun images, and the accompanying video helps to give people an idea of how it's all put together.

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