Download: You Can Fast Forward Video In Google Photos V1.16

March 16, 2016 - Written By Justin Diaz

When Google Photos was introduced it was hailed as an unlimited storage location for all of your high-quality photos, a place to keep the very best moments safe and sound while also allowing the application to do its job and offer up plenty of intuitive features like the intelligent organization and the more recently updated editing tools for the web app that are faster to use. As a primary place to store pictures, people likely aren’t thinking too often about Google Photos being a capable video player, on the contrary though, the app does store videos too and as of the latest update Google has given users the capability to fast forward and rewind their videos inside of the Google Photos video player.

Of course, the fast forward and rewind functionality within the application for the video player is likely to be one of the standout changes for this version update, but it is by no means the only change that Google has implemented. The ability to fast forward and rewind will make for a simple way to make sure the best moments in uploaded videos aren’t missed when showing them off to friends and family. Alongside the fast forward and rewind options, Google has also taken out the standalone add photos button that sits near the top due to the fact that users can also add photos to any album they have by hitting the edit button first, then tapping the button to add in new pictures. You can also remove pictures with this same method if you no longer want to keep them in a particular album.

Other really minor tweaks include the swap of a simple piece of text, where the “add photos” phrase would pop up after you tap to include some new photos to the album, which now says choose photos instead. This is nothing major but Google seems to have perhaps seen a reason for making the switch. As always, users can expect a series of bug fixes and improvements that should make the app performance and user experience better, unfortunately users may also notice a new bug that pops up with this release that causes the app to crash if users try to open a photo from their main page and attempt to edit it. There is a workaround until Google patches this, and all users have to do is download the picture to their local device storage first, then restart the app completely and editing should be fine. If you don’t have the latest version of the app yet, you can pick up the apk file below.

Download the Google Photos V1.16 apk for 320 dpi

Download the Google Photos V1.16 apk for 400-560 dpi