Download: Google App With App Drawer & App Search Improvements

March 18, 2016 - Written By John Anon

The Google App is one of the more fundamental apps from Google and one which often receives a number of nice and functional updates. The latest of which seems to be currently on its way. This update brings the Google App up to version 5.11 and with it brings some changes to the way in which other apps are sought out, displayed and interacted with.

In terms of the first and bigger visual change, the latest version of the Google App changes the way in which the app drawer and its search bar are displayed. In earlier versions, these two elements came in separate boxes. However, after the update, they have now neatly merged together to form what looks to be a more unified page. There is still a slight separation thanks to a line break between the search field box and the main app listing, but the overall look is certainly one which is more uniformed. Likewise, the actual searching for apps through the search box has also been improved. Now when you search for an app, closing the keyboard will not also close the search results. Which used to be the case in the previous versions of the app. Now closing the keyboard keeps the app search results in view. There is also a “search for more apps” link that appears and will redirect you to the play store and even load the search term you used for you.

In addition, if you are just generally browsing the app drawer and quickly close it again, opening the app drawer once more also does not reset the app drawer back to the start. Which again, used to be the case in older versions of the app. Instead, after updating, you will effectively be able to continue browsing from where you were in the app list, as it now remembers your position. Not to mention, it also seems text selection has seen a nice tweaking as well. Now when you highlight any text and hit the overflow menu icon which appears, a handy “Assist” option is listed. Once clicked this immediately redirects the highlighted text to Google Now on Tap to provide more effective results. For those interested in giving the new features a try, you can download the APK and sideload to your device manually. To do so, head through the link below to download the app. Otherwise, you should see the update arriving in due course.

Download Google App v5.11 APK