Download Android N's Only Wallpaper, Here

Android N 2 AH 00001

In the Android N Developer Preview, everyone is poking around to see what Google has hidden inside. One thing they hid was a new wallpaper. Well more like left in plain sight. There’s just one wallpaper this time around. We’ll likely see the rest come in the final release sometime in Q3. But for now we have a great looking wallpaper which you can see in the picture above of the Nexus 6P. While pink may not be everyone’s color, it does look pretty decent.

With Android N, many people probably will never see Android N in 2016. Unless they have a Nexus device, which is a bit unfortunate. But luckily we were able to grab the wallpaper from the factory image and it’s now available for you to use on your own device, whether or not it runs Android. We have it in two sizes. There’s a 2331×1920 resolution version and a 2880×2560 available as well. I wouldn’t read to much into these dimensions as being the resolutions for upcoming Nexus devices either. We’ve done that before and were wrong.


Android N has a ton of features included in it, with the headlining feature being multi-window. This is a feature that many had been asking for and asking for from Google for years. And now it’s finally here in Android N, after seeing a brief public outing in the developer previews for Android M last year. Some of the other features included in Android N are the redone notification shade. So now you have quick access to toggles, instead of needing to pull down the notification shade all the way. You can also add in some other toggles into the full quick settings area. Notifications have also changed up a bit, and actually look much better and use up less space.

According to Google, we’ll see Android N coming to devices in the third Quarter. Which could mean anytime between July, August and September. We’ll likely be seeing a new Nexus device or two coming with the release of Android N, as is typically the case these days. We are going to have 5 developer previews, with each one getting more stable than the last, obviously.

Download: Android N Wallpaper