DODOcase Unveils SmartVR, Portable & Durable VR Viewer


One of the continued hot topic in the mobile world is virtual reality. This is certainly an area which looks as though it will continue to be a very important area going forward and especially as more manufacturers bring out more options. However, in spite of virtual reality seeming to be the industry of now, it has been an industry which has been steadily developing over the last couple of years. Since Google unveiled its concept for Carboard, a number of developments in virtual reality have been slowing but surely coming through.

One of the companies who were quick to join in with their option for Cardboard was DODOcase, who are often better known for their cases. Since then the company has released other versions of Cardboard and now it looks as though they are preparing to take their virtual reality options to the next level with the unveiling of their SmartVR. The big difference being that this is a viewer which is not made of cardboard, but instead is made out of glass-filled nylon and plastic. As such, this is built to be a more durable product than the more fragile cardboard-based options. However, durability is just one of the additional features, as its really big selling point is its portability. This is a virtual reality viewer which is designed to be small enough to easily carry with you and your smartphone. In fact, the viewer looks to be lighter and a smaller size than most smartphones. The actual viewer has the ability to fold into itself which makes its so portable. When needed, the headset can be unfolded and then the smartphone can simply slot into place, with an additional flap which can be used to cover the top and block out additional light, adding to the overall virtual reality experience.


Although the SmartVR from DODOcase has been announced, it is a product which has been announced through Indiegogo and as such, those interested in being one of the first to get their hands on one can sign up to be an early backer. To do so will cost you about $28 for a single headset and as to be expected, there are additional options and backing pledges available. According to the listing, the first pre-orders will begin to be fulfilled in May of this year. You can find out more about the SmartVR by heading through the source link below and over to the Indiegogo listing or by checking out the video below.

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