Deal: Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit for $239 3/17/16

March 17, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Raspberry Pi is a pretty popular platform for learning electronics and engineering. You can build all types of things with a Raspberry Pi unit, and this computer kit is a great one to pick up. Basically what Raspberry Pi does is it combines a working computer with the world of Minecraft. You’ll be able to cruise through each level and learning more as you do each level. Additionally, there are different pieces of hardware for Raspberry Pi that can do all sorts of things. The Piper kit is one of the best ways to learn super useful skills, no matter how old you might be. You’ll learn the inner workings of computers and electronics. And you’ll also build a self-contained computer running on a Raspberry Pi 2 Project Board. This board will connect to WiFi for extra levels of learning as well as tons of sharing capabilities on the Raspberry Pi 2 board. You can tinker with all sorts of LED lights, as well as motion sensors, buzzers, buttons and much more.

This Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit is available from the Android Headlines Store for just $239. Typically this would cost you about $295, but it’s coming in at $239 for a limited time.

Piper Raspberry Pi Computer Kit