DEAL: Marsboy Bluetooth LED Speaker $28.99 & Mini Speaker $14.99


For those looking for a new Bluetooth speaker, it can feel like the options are endless. This is largely due to this being a market which is massively expanding with a number of great options now coming through. Ones which means you no longer have to spend a ton of money to get a great performing speaker that can remotely connect to your Bluetooth-enabled device. Not to mention, some of the options that are coming through are extremely portable as well. Combining a small enough form factor allowing for easy transportation, along with a battery life which ensures the party continues for as long as you need it to.

Marsboy is a company who does offer options which not only perform well but are also extremely competitively priced. Chances are you have already heard of the Marsboy Bluetooth LED speaker as this is essentially their flagship option and one which adopts an orb form. We recently reviewed this speaker and it is a really nice speaker for the price. As well as providing a good level of audio output and sound quality, this speaker also has the added benefit of doubling as a light show when needed. The LED lights can be set to one style or you can have them cycle through their set patterns. Either way, they will offer a nice addition to any home, pool or beach parties you might be planning. This is also a speaker which is designed to remain powered as long as you need, as it comes equipped with a 3,000 mAh battery and is said to offer as much as 12 hours of continuous playback before needing to be charged again. The Marsboy Bluetooth LED Speaker is currently available for $38.99 though Amazon. However, using coupon code D2BGWT82 will knock another $10 off the price and bring the overall total down to only $28.99. For a Bluetooth speaker which also doubles as an LED light show for under $30, this is a deal worth checking out.

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If even the Marsboy Bluetooth LED speaker is a little too big for what you are looking for, then it is also worth checking out the Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker. This is a speaker which is designed to be as compact as possible and is small enough to fit into your pocket, for an ultimate ease of transportation. However, this is also a speaker which is designed to give you the sound and performance you would hope for and comes equipped with a four-inch audio driver and passive subwoofer. Not to mention, that in spite of its small size, this is a speaker which is said to offer up to 12 hours of usage in between charges.

Like its size, this is also a speaker which comes with a pocket-friendly price and can currently be picked up for only $19.99. However, using coupon code O6OMNP2H will knock another $5 off the total, bringing the overall price down to only $14.99. For a Bluetooth speaker and one that is small enough to fit in your pocket, $14.99 is a great price and certainly makes the Marsboy Mini Bluetooth Speaker another option worth checking out.

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