Deal: LG Watch Urbane for $179 – 3/2/16

March 2, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

The LG Watch Urbane was announced about a year ago. However the great thing about smartwatches – at least for now – is that the hardware isn’t changing as much as smartphones once were. Even smartwatches being announced right now, are sporting the same specs as those announced a year ago like the LG Watch Urbane. The Watch Urbane from LG was their second round smartwatch and it looks pretty amazing (if you haven’t seen it in person, we’d suggest checking it out at your local Best Buy). The LG Watch Urbane is getting the Marshmallow update that is rolling out pretty soon. Which includes all sorts of new features, however there is no speaker included in this one, unfortunately.

LG’s Watch Urbane has dropped to $179 for a brand new model. This marks the lowest price we’ve seen for the LG Watch Urbane since it launched a year ago. Typically costing around $300, this is a pretty great deal, and available only on eBay right now. As of this writing, eBay has it in both gold and silver – although that may change at any time. The LG Watch Urbane is compatible with both Android and iOS (for iOS it’s 8.2 and higher). You can pick it up at the link below.

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