Deal: iOrange-E USB Type-C Cables On Sale – 3/29/16

March 29, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

Today, iOrange-E has dropped the prices on a couple of their USB Type-C cables that are available on Amazon. One is their USB Type-C to USB Type-A, and its a 1-foot cable. This one is available in a slew of colors. Typically the price would be $9.99 for this one, but today you’ll save $4 with the promo code AJVFGL48 the price then drops down to $5.99. So make sure you use that promo code at checkout.

The second cable on sale is a 10-foot USB Type-C to Type-A cable which is also available in assorted cables and has a regular price of $14.99. However today with the promo code 94TFKI3Y you’ll save $9 which will drop the price down to $5.99 as well. It might be a better idea to buy the 10-foot long cable instead. As it’ll be much longer and means you can charge your phone further from the wall.

Both of these cables are available on Amazon right now with the promo codes listed. They should be good through the end of the week. Although they are likely to sell out fast. So you’ll want to grab yours quickly. These will work with the new LG G5 as well, so definitely worth picking up if you’ve pre-ordered a LG G5.

iOrange-E USB Type-C to Type-A, 1-Foot iOrange-E USB Type-C to Type-A, 10-foot