Deal: Cambond USB Type-C Cables From $6.99 W/Codes – 3/21/16

March 21, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Cables are one of those things that you can never have enough of, as too many simply means you can have a charging cable available in each room or in different locations, like work and at home. This is likely why a number of smartphones owners already have quite a few cables lying around. However, with what seems to be a consensus on moving to USB Type-C technology, it does look like we will all be buying a number of new cables going forward. If you are already an owner of a USB Type-C device and are already in the market for a few new cables then it might be worth checking out a deal on some of the Cambond range of cables. These are braided cables which does mean they should be more durable than a number of other other options and brands, and certainly more attractive.

In terms of the deal, Cambond currently has three specific cables on sale. Their 1 ft patch cable comes with a USB Type-C on one side and USB Type-A on the other. This cable is currently priced on sale for only $9.99. However, using coupon code EJI8IL8V will bring the cost down even further to only $6.99. If you need a longer cable, then the Cambond 6.6 ft (2M) USB Type-C to USB Type-A cable is already on sale for only $12.99. However, again, using coupon code 8GQWJDBT will bring the cost down further to only $7.99. Likewise, Cambond has another 6.6 ft USB Type-C to Type-A cable available and the difference with this one is that as well as the standard reversible Type-C end, this one also has a reversible Type-A connector on the other end. This one is currently on sale for only $11.45, but coupon code 8GQWJDBT will also bring the cost of this one down to only $7.99.

Buy the Cambond USB Type-C 1 ft Cable Buy the Cambond USB Type-C 6.6 ft Cable Buy the USB Type-C To Reversible Type-A Cambond Cable Cable