Curved Mi TV Coming On March 23rd, Xiaomi’s Teaser Confirms

March 21, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Xiaomi is China’s largest smartphone manufacturer, even though Huawei has a significant advantage on a global scale. Anyhow, Xiaomi has managed to sell around 70 million smartphones last year, but this company actually manufactures all sorts of smart gadgets, not only smartphones. Smart TVs actually belong in their portfolio as well, and Xiaomi’s smart TVs are called ‘Mi TVs‘. Xiaomi has introduced their 3rd-gen Mi TV last year, and it seems like new units are going to be announced in only a couple of days.

Xiaomi has released several Mi TV teasers lately, and everything points to March 23rd launch event. Now, the latest in the series of teasers actually reveals that the upcoming Mi TV will not only be curved, but will be extremely thin as well. Xiaomi’s current Mi TV offerings are around 40 and 60-inches, and this TV could be even bigger than that. Now, Xiaomi’s upcoming TVs were actually certified by China’s Quality Control unit recently, and during the certification, it was revealed that Xiaomi plans to introduce 43 and 65-inch Mi TVs on March 23rd. Samsung, LG and even LeEco have unveiled their TVs in the past, but Xiaomi’s all-new Mi TV is expected to cost far less than anything else out in the market, if we’re looking at the same category of TVs, of course.

As far as specs go, we really don’t have all that much info just yet. Some rumors indicated that it might feature Samsung’s 4K panel, a rather powerful SoC and 3GB or 4GB of RAM on the side as well. As far as pricing goes, we don’t know what to expect, but you can be sure it can be more affordable than the competition. THat’s pretty much it, if anything else surfaces before the launch, we’ll make sure to let you know, though the launch is in less than two days, so stay tuned for that. Xiaomi will probably roll out their Mi TV offerings at the event, we’re not expecting any additional hardware to be announced, but you never know when Xiaomi is concerned, so there’s always a possibility the company plans on showcasing some additional hardware / software.

Xiaomi curved Mi TV 2016 teaser image_1