Cook Breakfast in your own Cafe with Breakfast Cooking Mania

March 8, 2016 - Written By Alexander Maxham

There are loads of different games available on Android, that fit all kinds of different niche needs. Speaking of niche needs, you can now cook breakfast at your own cafe, and who doesn’t want to be able to own their own restaurant? Even if it is in a game, and not in real life. With Breakfast Cooking Mania, you can cook meals in your own cafe and continually build out your restaurant until you have the best restaurant in town. This is a typical tycoon game, but a great one for playing on Android.

In Breakfast Cooking Mania, you’ll be able to practice your cooking skills, allowing you to become a great chef, while you create the best restaurant in town. You’ll be able to hire waiters, cooks and much more. As well as being able to upgrade your bakery shop, dishes and so much more. You’ll be charge of the kitchen and can demonstrate to your staff the skills of a master chef. You can start with something as little as toast, pudding, cake, cookies, and omelets, and work your way up to adding a ton of other food items into your cafe. You’ll be serving up delicious food in no time.

There are loads of kitchen dishes to cook as well as tons of upgrades available. There are also unique locations in the kitchen to cook different dishes like french toast, boiled eggs, donuts, muffins and much more. There are also tons of upgrades for the coffee dispenser, toaster, tea dispenser, omelette fry pan, juice dispenser and many other kitchen appliances, which you’ll likely need in the kitchen of your brand new cafe. As you upgrade your kitchen and unlock additional food items, you’ll be able to cook the food and serve it even faster. There are also more difficult levels as you get the hang of the game, making it even more exciting.

Breakfast Cooking Mania is a free game, however there are some in-app purchases that start at $0.99 all the way up to $14.67 per item. These are not necessary, but does help out in playing the game.