‘Color Switch Test’ Is A Simple, And Yet Challenging Game

March 9, 2016 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Games have managed to become a huge part of the Google Play Store in recent years. There are tons of gaming titles available, and yet, the vast majority of users are not gamers, of course. For those of you who are looking some serious games in the Google Play Store, chances are you’ll find them, but the vast majority of people tends to play simple games which are not all that time consuming, games like the one we’ll talk about in this article, read on.

The game I’m talking about is called ‘Color Switch Twist’, and it is incredibly simple. Your goal is to score as many points as possible by leading the small dot (or some other shape) through various levels. The thing is, after every obstacle your cross, the ball will change color. You need to tap on the screen to make it cross upcoming obstacles, but if you don’t pair it with the same color, you’ll basically fail, and will have to start all over again. As I said, the game is really simple to play, and yet it’s not all that easy to be great at it, which instantly reminded me of Flappy Bird.

The game actually has two modes, the ‘Challenge’ and ‘Race’ modes. The ‘Challenge’ mode puts hundreds of levels in front of you, and you have the same objective in every single one of them. You need to get through the obstacles, and cross the finish line. Now, you need to do that very same thing in the ‘Race’ mode as well, but you also need to beat other balls to the finish line.

You can also collect stars on every level in this game, and you can use those starts to purchase various different shapes for your ball. You can make it look like a star, or a smiley face, for example. This game is compatible with Google Play Games, so you can basically compete with your friends and family, and try to keep your score as high on the leaderboards as possible. If you look at the gallery down below, you’ll get to see a number of official images. In case you’d like to try this game out for yourself, click on the Google Play banner down below, and test your skills.