BlackBerry PRIV Update Available For Android Root Access Bug


For many Android device owners, security remains one of the top talking points. In fact, regardless of operating system, security seems to be high up on the agenda for both the media and consumers. Yesterday, saw a report coming through which further highlighted the issue of security for Android device owners, thanks to what is essentially a two-year old problem raising its head once again.

If you missed the earlier coverage, the issue revolves around a vulnerability that comes with the CVE-2015-1805 identifier. In the most simplest of terms, this is a bug which has recently been found to be able to open up root access to apps. Access, which in itself can prove problematic as it allows for a core level of control of Android device. The latest information came from a security posting that the Android team sent out on Friday, which in addition to explaining the issue also confirmed that a fix is in the works and had been passed on to partner manufacturers. With BlackBerry being a company who is highly invested in the security of their devices, it seems they are wasting no time in pushing the update out to their only Android smartphone, the BlackBerry PRIV.


In spite of the AT&T variant of the PRIV only receiving its March update two days ago, BlackBerry has today confirmed that an update is available for unlocked versions of the PRIV. The update comes with the build number AAE298 and is purpose-designed for the current CVE-2015-1805 vulnerability. So this is different to the general March security updates that are currently rolling out. For those who own a PRIV which was purchased through a carrier, BlackBerry does note that you should wait for confirmation from the respective carrier on the rolling out of the update. Likewise, if you are the owner of any other device, then you will likely see an update arriving for your device in due course as well. It is worth keeping in mind, that this particular update is nothing to do with the March Security updates, so if you have already received the current monthly security update, you still should expect another update to come through. For BlackBerry PRIV owners interested in reading about the BlackBerry patch in more detail, head through the source link below.

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