AT&T BOGO Promotion Now Applies To The Samsung Galaxy S7

March 8, 2016 - Written By John Anon

Now that the latest smartphones from Samsung are finally here, the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge, many of the carriers will be looking to offer promotions to lure consumers to pick up the latest handsets from them. Samsung has already began the luring by looking to sweeten a Galaxy S7 purchase by giving those who place a pre-order before March 18 a free Samsung Gear VR headset. In terms of the carriers, a leaked memo which appeared in the last couple of days highlights that T-Mobile is planning on offering a buy one, get one free promotion on the two latest devices from Samsung. A move which AT&T has also just announced.

In reality, this is not a new promotion from AT&T but instead is one which has been running for quite awhile, although more recently it has been focusing on a number of other handsets including the previous generation Galaxy device, the Galaxy S6. The latest change sees the brand new Galaxy S7 from Samsung also being included. Although, there is one big caveat, the free phone is only for the Galaxy S7 as there does not seem to be the option to get a free Galaxy S7 Edge.

According to the details, this is an offer which is open to both new and existing AT&T customers who purchase either the Galaxy S7 or the S7 Edge. When doing so, those customers can also pick up a second Galaxy S7 for free, although a second line will have to be added. Therefore, to be eligible for the free Galaxy S7, the second line must be one which is considered a new line by AT&T. Once the two lines have been activated and have remained in good standing for three bill cycles, the account for the free smartphone will start to see bill credits being added. Credits which over 30 months will add up to the value of the second smartphone. AT&T does note that any customers who have recently pre-ordered the Galaxy S7 and meet the criteria will begin to see the credits automatically being applied to their accounts. For those interested in finding out more about the promotion, head through the source link below.