Apple Appeals Samsung Case, Claims U.S. Constitution Violated

'Apple and 'courts' have appeared in the headlines quite readily over the last few weeks, thanks to the encryption debate which has ensued following the company's denial to comply with an FBI request. However, this is by no means the first time Apple has been hitting the court headlines and as far back as memory serves, they have largely been there battling with Samsung on one patent infringement or another. One of the most recent of which was an ongoing battle which led to the Court of Appeals with Samsung looking to overturn a $120 million damages verdict that had been awarded to Apple back in 2014 for patent breaching.

At first, it was unclear as to how successful Samsung's attempt to have the verdict reversed would be, although by the end of February the appeal had turned into a ‘win’ with three judges overturning the original verdict in favor of Samsung. If you thought that was the end of the preceding then you were mistaken as now that the Apple and FBI case has effectively come to an end, Apple has now appealed to the courts looking to get the overturning, overturned once more.

In the latest chapter of the ongoing Apple and Samsung court battles, Apple is now asking the federal appeals court to look closer at the decision and reconsider its latest verdict. What might be of more interest to some is the reason given, as Apple claims that the previous decision violates their U.S. Constitutional rights. The logic behind the claim of violation, is that Apple states the three judges used materials that were not 'court recorded materials' to form the basis of their overturning in favor of Samsung. A move which Apple claims infringed on their Seventh Amendment right as an appeals court made the decision, instead of a jury. Of course, whether this latest move to reinstate the original verdict will be ruled in favor of Apple or thrown out, currently remains to be seen. Although at the very least, it does seem to confirm that the battle over $120 million between the two tech giants is going to continue a little longer.

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